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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  September 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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courtroom today. he pled guilty to hitting a father and daughter who were riding their bikes in concord earlier in the year. we covered this for months. we have the apology from the suspect. >> the young man, the 17-year-old driver was to stand up and face the family to make the apology and they said to save it for sentenci. he did order the young man to be taken into custody and called him a danger to society. >> i want justice for me and my daughter and the family. >> reporter: this woman who lost a husband and daughter said she is finally starting to get that justice. almost six months after this crash on tree boulevard in concord, the 17-year-old driver pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter for killing this man and his daughter who were
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riding their bikes on the sidewalk. the teenager's white cadillac escalade was going 72 in a 35 miles an hour zone when it ran off the road. >> i know everyone is a parent and they feel my pain. they can look at me and feel it. >> reporter: the 17-year-old we saw conducting into an suv was wearing a white dress shirt and slacks. he has been in therapy and writing apologies to the families who is not yet delivered. >> he wanted to write it and it is impossible to do so until we resolve the case. >> i am sure the young man feels horrible about it. he should. and now, as i say, the apology now is a bit hollow. >> reporter: we are not naming the driver because he is dried as a juvenile. when he is back in court for sentencing, he will be 18.
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the longest he can be locked up is until he 21. >> channel two news. >> thank you, eric. >> detectives in san leandro are checking surveillance video at safeway where they robbed the check out stand. the store was closed overnight while they investigated the scene. the men stormed the store. on bancroft avenue and emptied it in minutes and got away. >> the store is in a good neighborhood and there is a bad element. >> we are out here. and people are right down the street. there is a drug house. >> no one was hurt. store clerks are figuring out exactly how much cash was stolen. >> concerned parents concern the meeting where police and school officials are filling in on the kidnapping of a 9-year-old girl. they wanted answers about how such a thing could happen right on a school campus.
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>> close to 200 worried parents packed the safety meeting at parkside elementary school in san mateo. where they tried to insure the crowd security was being stepped up after an on campus abduction next week. new fencing put in place and new rules restricting access to the school. >> it is all too little, too late. >> this never should have happened. >> they shouldn't wait until someone gets it back in here. >> at one point during the meeting, the victim's mother decided to speak to the room. >> it is devastating. you as a parent envision your own child. >> police officers were on hand to talk about the investigation. they arrested 25-year-old bradley mozack for the crime. the fbi is called in to look at the accused kidnapper's past for signs of trouble. >> we will do a complete and
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thorough forensic backgrounds on anyone to unde >> investigator he is say the 9-year-old girl was snatched by a stranger by a school bathroom and fight off the accused attack tehran got away. >> two other schools reported the map was harassing students. one of the biggest concerns the p parents had was the alert system. because of the fact there was an incident at two other schools. >> it was important that the information that was put out to the families was correct and accurate. so we waited until we had correct and accurate information and released it with the police department. >> that was several hours after the reported event. >> the little girl who was nearly abducted? she is back at school right now. you had a short conversation with her mom. i asked how she was doing. the mom just said she is brave.
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>> alex savidge. >> they are searching for clues in the savage beating after cook. he was standing outside where he works. the reporter talked to people who know the victim. good afternoon, jjeneane. >> they say they don't know if it was a tarted attack or gang related. now the victim who was in his 30s. by coworkers was found laying right here in the parking lot. in front of this restaurant which is near south white road and vista. he worked as a cook here. he just started the job a couple of days ago. he came in last night to pick up his check and hang out with coworkers and decided to take a smoke break outside. >> one of the waitresses noticed he was laying on the ground outside. >> he had been beaten up badly
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and suffered blunt force trauma to the head. >> p witnesses came forward. we believe it is two hispanic males prior to us getting there. we will again do follow up and get the people in custody. >> i want to make sure he is not a gang member. >> i know his brother and i know where he lives and i know him for like three years. >> he is not a gang member. he is a good worker. >> reporter: police say it is unknown if the victim knew his at that time tackers but the two men responsible for the beating are gang members. he is on his way to the hospital to visit his employee. the victim lives with his mother and his siblings. reporting live from san jose, p channel 2 news. thank you, -- channel 2 news. a reported carjacking incident. they caught the suspect identified as trevor being
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arrested yesterday afternoon. they say he had stolen a car at gunpoint from the home depot parking lot. they located the car and they arrested him as he tried to run from the building. he was found with a backpack that contained a loaded gun. >> president obama and mitt romney are campaigning hard today in the key swing state of ohio. a new cbs poll out today gives mr. obama a 10-point lead over mitt romney in ohio. about 90 minutes ago, the president spoke to a crowd of cheering students at bowling green state university. he said romney is a big believer in top down economics. >> they basically think if we spend 5 trillion-dollar on tax cuts that favor the very wealthy, then, don't boo. vote. >> vote. >> today, mr. obama's campaign
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staff confirms reports that they will spend three days in nevada preparing for the presidential debate. >> mitt romney face as uphill battle in westerlyville and he received a big boost from jack nicklaus. he called him a fellow champion in business and economics. he said as president he would strengthen america. >> i will strengthen america. and i will strengthen our values and homes and our economy to make sure this economy can ignite our capacity to put people to work and provide the resources we need to have the strongest military in the world. >> romney criticized obama's economic policies and the  interest payments alone on the national debt are higher than the budgets of several government agencies come pined. at the u.n. general assembly, the president of iran lashed out to the powers.
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ahmadinejad address add room filled with especially thank you seats. mr. ahmadinejad accused western leaders of intimidation with a pledge not to test nuclear weapons. he criticized what he called a continued threat by the uncivillized zionist to taken action against iran. >> he wanties to make iran a nuclear power. you know what i say to that. no way, no how, never. >> former new york city mayor judy guiliani led a protest against ahmadinejad. protestors carried signs and denounced the iranian leader. neighbors knew there was some sort of mystery. they are surprised to learn about this. this is video you will see on two. the warm up is coming.
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. tens of thousands of people in greece are protesting. >> it is a way to deal with the country's debt which is a drag on the european economy. they are shutting down schools and hospitals are financialing on emergency staff. this morning the university of california announced it reached a tentative $1 million settlement with protestors. they were pepper sprayed at uc davis last november. the video of a police officer calmly spraying protestors drew worldwide condemnation. they still have to agree to the agreement. they have to pay them $30,000 a piece. money would go to their attorneys or to a fun for
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anyone who would come along later and prove that they were sprayed during the protest. this is marijuana plants seized from what police say is a pot farm inside a building in san jose. police say they found the pot inside an industrial building on charter drive after someone doing a maintenance check called. these are pictures of the plants. there were about 300 to 600 of them with a street value of 150,000 to $250,000. even though it looked like a business from the front. neighbors say they seldom saw anyone going in or out. they did notice an odd smell in their own part of the building. >> we started noticing next door, they had a lot of cone denization in the windows. we thought it was going through the walls and feared, you know, there is something going on next door. >> there is no word so far in any arrests or connection with
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the pot plant seizure. >> they will decide whether to allow pot clubs in their city. >> it is on the november 6th ballot. if approved. up to three marijuana dispensarieses could open for business. they could not be near rehab, schools or libraries. >> they could set up in the upscale shopping districts. >> health officials say they believe they have the first taste of west nile virus to be contracted locally. the patient, a man is recovering at home. because he had not traveled outside of the bay area, they concluded, he caught the mosquito born virus here. they found a dead bird in san francisco that was infected with west nile virus. >> after months of debate. a new mosque will be given to be bill. it is off highway 101 in san martin. the process has been
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controversial and many people support it and plans to build a cemetery at the site could contaminate the ground water. they say the center has passed every requirement. we have sad news out of the entertainment world. singer andy williams has died. >> ♪ >> williams had an easy and mellow singing style and known worldwide for the song "moon river." >> president ronald reagan called him a national treasure. he died in branson, missouri. he suffered with bladder cancer. he was 84. they are wrapping up an unusual drill at san francisco international airport. >> where is my husband? >> this was sfo's first water
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rescue drill. this is the new marine boat house. >> victims acted as passengers that landed in the bay. >> sheriff's deputies and the coast guard practiced rescuing the victims. >> since the airport is surrounded by water. it makes sense to train for a crash into the bay. >> we hope it never happens but at the same time we have to be prepared for it. will it overwhelm all of our resources immediately. >> absolutely. >> the water landing p is not unheard. >> a japan airline missed the runway and landed in the san francisco bay. > >> well, no major changes to the forecast for today. get ready for big changes and in time for the weekend. >> lots of sunshine. a little bit of haze and temperatures gunk to recover. they are on track to reach the
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70s. this afternoon. >> the latest in the satellite. you can't pick out the fog. >> this is from monterey and bodega bay and big factor around pacifica. and golden gate bridge park and especially for the western half of the city. it begins to clear out if you go across the bay. forecast headlines for wednesday. it is coastal fog out there. it is warm inland. reaching the mid-80s. morning fog still. mild to warm. here is the big change. and beginning friday and saturday and sunday. a significant warm up in the numbers. >> as far as current numbers is updated. >> it is chilly in san francisco. and only the upper 50s. >> 62 degrees and the warmest locations inland. >> not so hot and in the 70s. towards livermore and antioch. >> high pressure is beginning to strengthen. in the meantime, we have this.
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the marine layer out there. for tomorrow, same forecast but beginning friday and especially saturday, high pressure builds in. that is the sinking air. and the warmer air. we will have more of a northeast centerly flow set up. it will be strong to set uple and inland spots reach the mid- to upper 90s this weekend. it is still plenty of sunshine in the 70s and 80 keg mark. here is the forecast model. animo the overnight hours. it is thursday morning. and probably a few patches into the bay. our numbers this afternoon. probably three or 4:00. you can see it right around 80 and 87. and in the upper 80s. forecast high is eight. san mateo is right around 70. here is the look ahead. with the weekend always in view. and pretty much the same deal. we begin to warm things up and there is the real heat. >> you can't pick it out
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saturday into sunday. easily backs up into the mid- to upper 90s. i am smiling here and saying it is great news. >> you guessed at the fire dangers and that will be a concern. >> thank you, mark. >> espn is reporting that the referee's association could be close to a deal that would end the ongoing lockout. they appointed a call which is the infamous one. and it is the end of monday night's game as under mining the ability. >> of courses on pot side say an agreement in principle is at hand. the regular refs say if a deal comes together. they could be on the field this beck weekend. >> they say it could take a week to get the regular refs back. >> p mayor ed lee helped unveil the first network of shared electric scooters.
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>> scoot has been running a beta test of the system and opening up today. it contributes to the city's goal of going green. >> if you want to go around the city at 30 miles an hour. it will be less than half of the power of a toaster. it is equivalent to 850 miles a gallon to be on one of these electric scooters. >> the company has 60 scooters and the district plans to expand. they operate with the use of your smart phone. and helmets and training are provided. >> it will cost 5-dollar a month. and 10-dollar as day to use them. >> made rich and famous by the harry potter series is about to bring you a new novel. >> wait until you hear how the mom gets him to stop crying.
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♪ just shake them into the washer i can't believe this lasts 12 weeks! neither can they. so you're going on tour to prove it. downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on . the recent calm was broken as interest were clashes with police. new home sales fell 3% in august. and the median price of homes sold during the montrose by a record amount. taking a look at the big board. the dow down by 33. s&p down six. fans of harry potter author j.k. rowling is awaiting her new book.
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it is number 1 on line. the casual vacancy is the first novel for adults. it as far cry from witchcraft. it is a small english village. this is for fans of the harry potter series. she might write another book set in the same wizardry world as the potter book. they are taking the internet by storm. watch how his mom gets him to calm down. >> ♪ >> that is awesome. >> 7-month-old sebastian and his mother said amy's trick. playing star wars works every time. >> the video has 400,000 views on you tube. san francisco supervisor
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wants to encourage food markets to carry more fresh food. 0% of corner stores in the bay view district stock fresh fruit it or vegetables. >> it is limited out in the 10er loin and they offer incentives for offering dairy products and whole wheat bread. the university of california has agreed to a big payout. more on the tentative settlement. more on the infamous pepper spray incident. >> thanks for watching ktvu news. >> oñ
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